For a really Good Morning.
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For a really Good Morning.
Every Morning.

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For a really Good Morning.
Every Morning.

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Penca is the support you need to master daily life with ease. Unlike conventional tea are the Ingredients of the Super Herbs Tea precisely chosen to support you wile whatever you plan to do. Because whether life gives you lemons or rocks, do with it whatever you want and have fun doing so. The Lime Excite is exactly what you need to start in your exciting day.


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Super Herbs Tea

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  • 75g of high quality loose tea
  • Gree tea blend with ginger, mate, lemon gras, ginkgo and ginseng
  • Stylish tea tin with an extra lit for more freshness
  • Feel blithely and ready for the day

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Our ingredients


Green tea contains a considerable amount of coffein. But in contrast to coffee does it react noticeably slower. The reason for that is L-Theanine. Green tea is invigorating but less stimulating. Reasearcher also found out that people who regularly drink green tea have a high activity of alpha waves. Those make you get lost in your work and bring you into the flow state. So it’s no wonder that monks usually drink a high amount of green tea.


Most people know ginger for its practical use when having a cold because the minerals and essential oils contained therein have an antibacterial effect. Leading neuroscientists of Khon Kaen University found out, that ginger also has a positive effect on the cognitive characteristics of the brain. In this way you can increase responsiveness and memory performance.


Mate tea is made out of the leaves of the holly which you can find mostly in the South American rain forest. Dried mate leaves contain natural coffein which stimulates the nervous system and works exhilarating when feeling exhausted. It also contains theobromine which is a stimulant for heart and circulatory system.


Lemon gras is widely known as ingredient for asian dishes because of its fresh citrus note which is also reason for the lemony taste of Lime Excite. The essential oils contained therein also relax the whole body and therefore a perfect cure for stress and tension.


Gingko is a so called adaptogen. These are a variety of medicinal herbs which help as compensation for stress. The effect adapts to the needs of the body.
Researchers found out, that the interaction of the substances Flavonoide, Gingkoloide and Bilobalide support the brain messenger. This can have a huge effect on the ability to concentrate and learn.


The primordial source of Ginseng is Korea and in Asia used as a remedy for over thousand years. Like Gingko it is also an adaptogen and has a stimulating effect. It is often used as antidepressants and aphrodisiac.
During different studies scientists determined a positive anti-stress effect which you can trace back to the hormone release of the adrenal glands.

Ingredients: Green Tea China Sencha, Ginger, Mate green, Lemon Gras, natural Aroma, Ginkgo, Ginseng

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